Fish Factory Swim School swimmin pool

Our Facility

Our brand new facility offers a warm water pool specifically engineered for teaching swimming! We designed our facility with kids and their families in mind.

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Our teaching pool offers:

  • Warm water temperatures (90 degrees)
    • Kids learn best when they’re comfortable, so we heat our pool to keep our swimmers warm and engaged.
  • Indoors!
    • Leave the sunscreen at home!
  • UV light sanitation system
    • Our state of the art water sanitation system allows us to keep our chlorine levels low and our water clean and clear.
  • Shallow depth
    • Our pool is designed for young swimmers, so there is no ‘deep end.’ We’ve also built a tiled ledge into the side of the pool so that swimmers can stand comfortably in the pool. We promote the use of various platforms and play castles so that kids feel comfortable swimming throughout the entire pool.

Our facility offers:

  • Family changing rooms
    • We realized that gender-specific locker rooms don’t always work for families, so we installed large family changing rooms. These changing rooms allow parents to easily and quickly change all of their children together.
  • Sibling play area
    • Fish Factory knows that sometimes siblings of our swimmers can get bored, so we incorporated a sibling play area into our facility. This area is equipped with toys, books and a train station to allow for fun and play.
  • Parent observation area
    • Tired of sitting on the hot pool deck while your child swims? We thought so. At Fish Factory, you can sit and watch your child’s lesson in the cool, air-conditioned parent observation room. Plus we offer free Wi-fi while you wait.

Our program offers:

  • Convenient online registration
    • Sign up for lessons online.
  • Small class sizes
    • Our beginner classes offer a 3:1 student to instructor ratio. We keep classes small to promote maximum learning for all swimmers. Group classes allow for positive peer learning as well as concentrated instructor attention.
  • Positive reinforcement
    • Your child’s success is our success. We care deeply about each swimmer’s progress through our program. Our instructors strive to make sure that each child leaves the pool happy and excited to return to subsequent lessons.